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DescriptionThis example shows you a possibility for a zoom in/out function based on Touch & Mouse in your project.Mobile example: Android (Made with Cocoon.IO)Download the atta [...]
Shoot the squids with your mind powers. My first game using Construct and a test of its featuresarrow keys to move, mouse to click. Sorry no wasd
This is an example implementation of the Pseudo 3D Tutorial: Go forwardsS Go backwardsA D Left and right Q To turn leftE To tur [...]
Source code can be downloaded here : to jump. Just like the original game.
the tutorial and .capx can be downloaded here : to move the brick. Just like the original game.
An example of how to make a 3 slots arm bandit using the Sprite animation speed and Function plugin.Simply click the button - Download the commented capx for an explanation of how [...]
An asteroid clone made in less than 100 events (free edition of Construct 2) - Learn how to make this game with this tutorial.Split and destroy asteroids and survive as many waves [...]
Tutorial of Jigsawed for my E-Portfoliofillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
A thing I made for history class on the Great Depression and it's organized crime, Move with A & D, collect keys, and talk to people with ENTER, and press W to enter and ex [...]