Game Template 10 – Touch & Mouse Zoom

DescriptionThis example shows you a possibility for a zoom in/out function based on Touch & Mouse in your project.Mobile example: Android (Made with Cocoon.IO)Download the attached .capx fileIf you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.
Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out.Touch Use two fingers to zoom in or out

Asteroid in less than 100 events

An asteroid clone made in less than 100 events (free edition of Construct 2) – Learn how to make this game with this tutorial.Split and destroy asteroids and survive as many waves as possible to score as high as possible.
Arrows to move the ship – SpaceTo shoot – sIn the score screen to toggle sound on/off – ReturnTo navigate through screens and waves.


#Features:#- Button Combinations like in fightings- Supports both keyboard and gamepads- No third party plugins or behaviors are used- Very clear and well commented codeYou can purchase this template here
Press buttons to perform combinations

Great Depression – Organized Crime

A thing I made for history class on the Great Depression and it's organized crime, Move with A & D, collect keys, and talk to people with ENTER, and press W to enter and exit buildings. Learn about the GREAT DEPRESSION(TM), and crime and stuff. You can also find the special sneaky-sneak secret if you are an cool. Sorry, the game has some bugs. I was in a hurry to do stuff, and I'm a dumb. :p
A&D: MoveENTER: Interact with objectsW: Enter and exit houses